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Kaper Kidz | Wooden Noah's Ark Play Set - Wear Kids Play

Kaper Kidz | Wooden Noah's Ark Play Set

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Wooden Noahs Ark Playset

What a great idea for a baptism present or Christmas gift. Even for a young one entering school.

Noah's Ark Play Set includes Noah and his wife, 7 pairs of aninmals and a dove.

The animals will all fit back into the ark at the end of playtime.


28cm long x 13 wide x 17 cm high and is the perfect toys for boy and girls from 3+

Wooden Noahs Ark Playset contains:
1 x ark

1 x ladder

1 x dove

2 x crocodiles

2 x giraffes

2 x noah and wife

2 x elephants

2 x lions

2 x cows

2 x horses

2 x pigs

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