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Caaocho Natural Baby Safe Teethers

Posted by Melinda Smylie on

Nothing is beater then feeling safe about the products we put into our teething babies mouths. Caaocho all natural rubber, 100% pure teether toys are designed with curious babies in mind, they are sensory and safe.

The teethers are designed with all stages of teething in mind, from the first front teeth to the last molars.

The bath toys are all hermetically sealed to prevent mold growth and bacteria accumulation.

CaaOcho uses only natural dyes and rubber sourced from sustainable plantations in Malaysia. Every product is also tested and certified as safe for all ages.

Squeaker toys include Mia the Lamb and her companion, Sola the Goat. Curious mouths and hands will simply love their moulded sensory surfaces. 

This 100 per cent natural origin means its toys are safe and non-toxic for babies to enjoy every day.


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