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Aqua Dragons - Fun Prehistoric Pets!

Posted by Melinda Smylie on

Aqua Dragons can be so much fun, prepare and look after them well and they can go on to reproduce and flourish.

What are Aqua Dragons?
Live aquatic creatures that have been living in the sea and salty lakes on earth for millions of years, even with the Dinosaurs!

With the scientific name, Artemia Salina from the crustacea family.

The eggs have an amazing natural capacity called cryptobiosis which allows them to stay alive but hibernating in a dried state only to hatch many years later. 

Their very efficient way of living and reproducing has enabled them to arrive to today’s day- they are real little time travellers. 

Hatch them at home and wake them up from a lifetime of hibernation!





Aqua Dragons are a valuable science lesson and fun! Learn about marine biology and anatomy as well as history and geography all rolled into one creature that needs care and love. 

What do Aqua Dragons look like?
They are really strange compared to humans! They have 3 eyes and 2 sets of fins that are like gills so they can breathe and eat and swim! 
Males have a mane on their heads and females are longer and often have bulbs on their backs which are egg sacks - yours could be carrying babies right now! 

How long do they live?

They can live up to 6 months if you take good care of them, it depends on the conditions in the water, light and temperature. 

When they die, leave the tank in direct sun until the water completely evaporates. When the tank is empty, fill it with water again and hatch those Aqua Dragons eggs that the females were carrying on their backs!

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